Thursday, January 5, 2017

GOALS | January 2017

I know everyone is making goals this time of year, but annual goals don't work well for me because I tend to lose focus, so in 2017 I'm planning to make monthly goals in an effort to be more accountable.

Overall I would like more family dinners, less eating out, more working out, less money spent, more water drank, less time spent worrying, more time praying and reading, less negotiating with my kids, more dreaming with my husband, less time spent scrolling through social media, more laughing and playing with my family, etc.

January's list to push me in the right direction...

Blog about NYC
Go on a date with Adam
Meal plan :: at least Mon - Thurs
Stay out of Target the entire month!
Take the kids on individual dates again!
Organize the closets :: Move shoes outside?
Make 1 photo book :: I have like 30 to do this year!
Go on a family date :: Skiing? Ice Skating? Movie?
Update the kids' travel journals :: MO, TN, NC & SC
Go to the gym 3 times each week :: Consider it a little 'pre-vaca prep'

What are your goals?  I love new suggestions!

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