Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12 Dates of Christmas

Without delving into too many details, we - like many- were feeling stretched in so many ways this holiday season.  I knew I didn't have it in me to do a full Advent Calendar of Christmas activities like previous years {2013, 2014, 2015}, so I decided to do 12 Dates of Christmas this year instead.  And it's been so refreshing to pull back and really soak up the reason for the season!  It's just too easy to get wrapped up in all of life's hustle and bustle.  We've had to adjust the schedule twice already - we unfortunately weren't able to make it to our favorite family friendly holiday party {& fundraiser} this year due to sickness or Hick's Place {which was going to be a first for us!} due to weather but we've cuddled up and watched more Christmas movies than ever before, so that's a major win in my book! :). Here's our 12 Dates of Christmas...

Adopt a Family
Take a Sleigh Ride
Breakfast with Santa
Cut Down a Christmas Tree
Bake Cookies with Grandma
Watch a Christmas Movie by the Fire
Mail Christmas Cards & a Letter to Santa
Jolly Holiday Lights with Popcorn and Cocoa

Also, we've been reading tons of Christmas books again this year, but I decided not to wrap them all and have the kids open one each night.  Multiple reasons--I didn't really have/make time to wrap them all, it seemed wasteful and and like I was pushing 'gifts' on the kids which isn't what Christmas is really about, and this allows us to read all of the books all month long.  Here are a few on our favorites if you're still looking to add to your collection...

Tons of other holiday stuff going on in Des Monies right now...

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