Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Countdown for Kids

You guys have no idea how exciting I'm getting for Christmas this year.  I know, we haven't even finished Thanksgiving yet {I am still holding off doing any Christmas decorating until after Turkey Day--except the little Advent Calendar Jordyn made this weekend--so high five for that}.  But Christmas is FOUR WEEKS from today!  And this is the first year Jordyn will 'get' Christmas.  I want to make it as magical and memorable as I can for her--Living through your kids is so fun!  I have so many ideas, but one can only start so many traditions.  So, this is what I have narrowed it down to this year.  

I decided I'll break our Elf on the Shelf out {that her Gram bought her last year} on December 1st.  Since she is still pretty little to understand it, I'll just read the book and she can play with her elf.  But next year?  It's on! :)  

I am continuing with my mom's tradition of  new pajamas on Christmas Eve, but I'm adding my own twist which is that they'll be from 'the Elves' :)

I hope I remember to start Christmas music & lights {and breakfast--which we forgot last year} before we open our gifts on Christmas morning.

And their present from Santa will be in the Santa Bag, like last year.

If you're looking for other ideas to substitute out some of mine {in case you aren't local & don't have Santa at the Zoo, Jolly Holiday Lights, Jingle in the Junction, etc.}, I plan to use some of the following ideas in years to come....
Put reindeer food out on Christmas Eve
Build a Snowman as a Family
Take a SleigHAY Ride
String Popcorn for the Tree
Cut-down a Christmas Tree from the Farm
Make an Ornament for the Christmas Tree
Make a Gingerbread House
Volunteer for a Christmas Charity {feeding the homeless, wrapping gifts at the mall, etc.}
Send Christmas Cards to the Troops or Veterans
Host a Cookie Decorating Competition

That's a whole latta Christmas packed into four weeks! :)

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  1. You are an awesome Mommy Abby! I love following and reading about your family :)


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