Thursday, December 8, 2016


A quick update...

{making} progress on my to-do list
{cooking}  all things warm and cozy!
{drinking}  a glass of white wine

{reading}  blogs & Wild and Free
{wanting}  to savor every day this holiday season
{looking} for new Christmas tree decor

{praying}  Jordyn's surgeries {tubes, tonsils, and adenoids} go well
{planning}  our 12 Dates of Christmas
{giggling} at the kids' reaction to Elfie

{wishing}  I had more time to get caught up on blogging!
{enjoying} this evening with Adam
{waiting}  for the snow to come!

{liking}  how excited Jordyn is for Christmas
{wondering}  how Adam's Christmas party will go tomorrow night
{loving} our schedule for 2017

{hoping} to paint my nails
{needing}  a spray tan
{smelling}  my new candle 

{editing} my last session for the year
{wearing} these pants and this top--almost every night!
{noticing} how cold it's getting here

{knowing}  I'm super blessed to have a husband who works as hard as Adam for our family
{thinking} how hard this past month has been
{feeling}  so settled in our new house, I can't believe it's almost been a year since we bought this place!

And because a post isn't a post without a's a picture of the family I used to nanny for.  The twins were 3 at that time...

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  1. I didn't know Jordyn was having surgeries. Praying everything goes smoothly! Hope you guys have a great Christmas :)


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