Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Living Room Remodel

Our new living room is almost complete!  T&E Construction came and added built-ins to transform this entire space!  You can see the before's here, but basically it looked like a collage dorm.  Because of the fireplace, we were unable to move the power behind the TV without the help of a drywaller, electrician, and new paint, so...my wish of built-ins got bumped to the top of the priority list!  After that, we had new carpet installed & furniture delivered.  Then it was time to shop for 'fillers' to go on the shelves.  They're still pretty empty, but I want to get a bunch of photos printed before I get too much more. 

I'll try to site everything below

Furniture from Homemakers

Marble/iron side table from HomeGoods

Lamp shades from AtHome

Lamp bases from Pier1 {old}

all old

The clock clearly needs moved up! 

 basket & blanket from Target

from AtHome

Candle from HomeGoods

Fake succulents from Target

Weight decor from HomeGoods

DIY | I wrapped a clean tin can with fake moss from Michaels and then wrapped it with twine wire also from Michaels

from HomeGoods {I think!}

Plant from HomeGoods

Gray pillow from AtHome {I think}| Multi pillow from Target

fake Plant from Target | mini fake Plant from HomeGoods

H {old} from Urban Outfitters {I think!} | mini fake Plant from HomeGoods

A bunch of our Shutterfly family photo albums

More of our house::
The rest of the house here.  Jordyn's room here. Cullyn's room here


  1. The built-ins look great! I also love that side table.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's definitely the room we spend the most time in now! :)

  3. Looks awesome!!! What a transformation!!! Love the shelf decor so far!!

    1. Thank you! I've had fun filling them! ;)


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