Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cullyn's New Room | All The Wild Things

Welcome to Cullyn's room.  We aren't 100% done decorating it yet, but I can't wait to show you what we have so far!  I want my sister to make me a few signs yet, but I just can't make up my mind!! And I'm still dreaming of ripping out all of the ugly carpet and replacing it with hardwood! And new doors and trim is on the list, too, eventually.

I appologize for the photo overload.  This room is one of my favorites of the house! :)

The adorable sign you see is ℅ of DistressedLuv and it's bigger than it appears! ;) So perfect for my little man's 'All The Wild Things' inspired room. 

You can see it better here…

My other favorite piece of decor are the arrows FrancisBentley sent us!  They're so perfect in person {detailed shots below}with arrowheads on the from real feathers on the ends we knew we had to hang them high enough to stay out of Cullyn's hands!! ;)  Any since Cullyn likes to climb, we put them on a wall that he could reach from his dresser or his bed.  Emma is offering15% off a purchase of $22.50 or more until 4/30/16 with code murdocksmama in case you want a set for yourself!

The wall behind Cullyn's bed?  MY FAVORITE!!! I had this vision {which my husband wasn't crazy about since it's kind of a permanent thing} and my sister agreed to make it happen {she's got mad skills like that!}. About a day after I mentioned it to her she measured the wall and sent me an excel spreadsheet of the different boards we needed to by complete with a diagram {oh yes, that's totally her style!} And the following weekend {while I was gone for a photoshoot!} she along with the help of her husband, my husband, and my parents made it happen!  I'm still obsessed!  

Paint | Big Chill by Sherwin Williams 
Wood Wall | my sister {417DesignsIA}
Bed | hand-me-down given to us by Adam's cousin
Sheets | twin size from Kohls
Blanket | old.  from Target I believe
Rug | Kohls
TeePee | old.  from PlayHaven on Etsy
Gold Pillow |  World Market
Deer Head | Target I can't find it online but it was $29.99 in the store
Mirror | old from our wedding.  Target
TeePee sign | Hobby Lobby They have tons more cute ones! And they're 40% off with the HL app!
Greatest Adventure block | Hobby Lobby They're 40% off with the HL app!
Dresser | old. from IKEA
King of All Wild Things sign | DistressedLuv on Etsy

More of our house::
The rest of the house here.  Jordyn's room here


  1. Love his room, especially that wall!! We talked about doing on in Noah's room, but push came to shove and time was of the essence haha, if I had more time I think I would have!!! I also can't wait to get Noah's teepee in his room, as soon as we are officially done with the rocking chair haha

    1. Thanks! He will love the teepee...at least my kids do! ;)


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