Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Progress on the House! {paint + our stuff}

There are still several projects we want to do with the new house, but I thought I would show you are current look.  After paint + our furniture.
The front door...

New light {World Market} installed by my dad
New hardware installed by my BIL ;)
New rug {Target}
The dining room...

a huge mirror {417DesignsIA} 
A new rug {AtHome}
 If you go out the patio doors by the kitchen, you walkout onto a large deck.

My desk {housing Adam's work computer when I took this photo}

Stairway to the living room

The living room {with a peek of our kitchen!}

Same decor as the condo {I order new photos for the frames which should be in today}
Ugh!  I don't even want to share this photo because the cords make me cringe that bad! We're hoping to install built-ins around the TV soon!  We're also planning to replace the carpet and get new furniture. 

A glimpse of the downstairs entry way off the garage.

Main bathroom...

The downstairs toyroom/guest room...

The washer/dryer and utilities...
Ugliest room, without a doubt, but it houses some of my favorite new things -- a tankless water heater {holla!}, whole home humidity system {score!}, & a water softener {yes please!} #OldLady

Upstairs {off the dining area} is the kids' bedrooms, a bathroom, and our bedroom/bathroom.

The kids' rooms are my favorite!  I'm still waiting on a few details, so I'll do a detailed post on them soon.  
In the meantime, a sneak peek of Cullyn's room...

And a sneak peek of Jordyn's room...

The kids' bathroom...

The hallway...

Our room...

I'll post photos of the outside space when the snow melts! ;)


  1. Beautiful Abby. Congratulations! I am jealous as anything of the tankless water heater, the humidity system and the softener. :) Those are awesome!

    1. Thanks! It's amazing how our favorite things change as we grow! ;)

  2. Looks awesome!!! Love the paint color!!! Looks like you guys are getting settled right in!! Great job!


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