Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dual Bridal Shower

So April 2014 {yes, you read that correctly!} I hosted a bridal shower {with the help of my mom & friend, Nancy} for both of my sisters since they got married less than 2 months apart.  We wanted them on the same day since we had family coming from out of town, but I also thought it was important they each get their own shower {as they did for me} so we booked  the country club at the end of my parent's block and threw my sister Ashley's shower that morning, serving breakfast, with a small break to flip the food and my sister Alicia's shower for the lunch hour.  

We kept much of the decor simple so we could keep it almost identical for both parties.  Burlap, lace, metal, & mason jars mainly.  Ashley's shower had pink accents and Alicia's were green.  Both a perfect representation of themselves. 

A few photos from  Myles & Ashley's Bridal Shower...

Brad & Alicia's Shower...

1. Look how little my babies are 2. Look how tired I look!

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