Monday, March 21, 2016

This & That {w12}

Did this:
Left the kids with my parents for the week {out sitters were on Spring Break}
Uploaded photos for the kids' photo books allllll week!
Went for a happy hour with Adam
Photographed a pregnancy announcement {obvi. not me!}
Went to the Cunningham's for dinner 
Got 4 cavities filled 
Worked out with Adam a couple times
Visited my friend & saw her new house!
Had a little bar tour with Adam, my sister, & her husband
My parents brought the kids back & stayed for the weekend
Saw my sister & Myles new house!!
Took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt while the guys were working on the house
Photographed my first wedding of 2016!
My dad did a bunch of projects for me {electrical work for our living room project, hung a few things-including a new light downstairs, & even looked at our oven that isn't working right}
Took the kids & my mom to a beautiful Palm Sunday church service -- Jordyn got to walk through the aisles waiving palms while we sang Hosanna :)
Went shopping & out for lunch with my mom & Jordyn
Watched a bunch of March Madness basketball {awesome start for Iowa State, Iowa, & UNI -- still routing for ISU as they continue on!}

Instagrammed that:

Shot that:

Edited this:
{Screenshot from mom's facebook post}


  1. Wow, you've been busy! Sounds like a lot of fun stuff has been going on.

    1. I know....always! Love your new cut btw!! :)


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