Tuesday, March 29, 2016

February Dates + Deeds | 2016


Adam | I watched Adam's bank play at Scooters the beginning of the month, we had a few lunch dates, and a home date.
Me | I got a few dates this month!  I went to our monthly 'dance moms' outing {Jethro's this month} The next week met a good friend for appetizers and drinks at Centro before we went upstairs to see the 'Realish Housewives of Waukee'!  The last Sunday of the month, I went shopping wiih my MIL, and SIL's for the afternoon. 
Kids | The kids and I joined our friends for a day at the Iowa City Children's Museum

Jordyn | My mom and I took Jordyn to La Mie Bakery and then to her class at the Art Center one Saturday morning.  We also went out for ice cream after her eye exam. 

Cullyn | I picked Cully up early and we went to lunch at Which-wich and then spend the afternoon feeding the ducks. 
Family | We went bowling!

This month we donated toiletry & clothing items to poor and homeless people in need through the West Des Moines Social Services and Joppa Outreach.  I really wanted to take the kids to a nursing home and hand out flowers {at the awesome suggestion of a reader, thank you!}, but with Valentine's day being on a weekend, it just didn't work out schedulewise, so I'm hoping to do this next year!

Did you do any dates or RAoK this month?  If so, share below...I love new ideas! :)

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