Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Back to School

Yes, I fully realize this post is nearly two months late!  As it turns out, it's not so bad this post is so late.  It gives me a chance to talk about how it's going.  

Meet the teacher night...
It was so important to me for Adam and I to take each kid individually to the Meet the Teacher night since we did that for Jordyn last year, so we had my MIL stay and watch  the one that wasn't with us, only to realize I wrote them down wrong and brought Jordyn to Cullyn's and Cullyn to Jordyn's. Sigh!  So, my MIL ended up bringing Cullyn and we met the teachers together as a family.   It all worked out and we went to Sonic for the first time to get ice cream afterwards.  They both liked meeting the teachers and playing with the toys. 

Always being a goof...

Cullyn is loving preschool!  He goes every Friday morning.  He genuinely loves seeing his teachers and playing with his friends.  They tell me he listens to instructions and follows directions, but I'm not sure I completely believe him.  Gym is definitely his favorite part and he never wants to leave.  :)  He took Jordyn to school with me all last year and always wanted to stay, so he knows this territory pretty well and hasn't looked back for one second!

This is Jordyn's second year at Triad.  She went on Friday mornings last year & started going on Tuesday/Thursday mornings this year with the 3 Year old class.  After a rough start, we ended up bumping her to the 4 Year class on Monday & Friday afternoons.  It was hard {for me} to give up afternoon naps & commit to driving back to Des Moines on Fridays {one of the few days we could have stayed in Monte} but it has been so worth it!  The 3 year class {she was 3 at the time class started, but is 4 now} was just not on her level.  She didn't relate to any of the kids and was having a hard time socially.  The transition has been night and day.  I'm pretty sure her favorite part of 4 year old class is snack time! ;)


  1. It sounds like they are doing great! So glad everything is going well.

  2. Omgosh I love that you set up a little back to school photo shoot for them! Your pictures are adorable!!

    1. You'll have to being Parker next year! ;)

  3. seems like they are loving it! love these pictures!!!

    1. They really are {finally....it was a struggle for a bit there!}


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