Monday, September 28, 2015

This & That {w.39}

Did this:
Cullyn had fevers on & off
Adam turned 35!!
We went on a date night & met friends out afterwards
Jordyn got Tonsillitis
Had three different home inspections {appraisal, home inspection, pest inspection} 
Took C to watch my niece in the Homecoming court activities
Jordyn & Cullyn went to the dentist {& did awesome!}
Photographed the family I formerly nannied for
Almost finished the trim at the lakehouse {thanks mom, dad, mil & fil!!}
Moved more stuff to the lake
Attended my sister's open house where she's selling her work
Ate at Zombie Burger & shopped a bit with my mama
Took C on his monthly date! :)

Instagrammed that:
I have been so bad about updating IG lately! :( Plus...this is so J heavy!  Sorry C!!
Edited this:
For Cru9 {the wine brand about to hit stores!!}
Shot that:
Cullyn on his 'date' this month 
Loving this:
The 3 second pause...

Scheduled that:


  1. K did I miss something... Home inspections? You moving? I vaguely remember something being mentioned about this... Details!! Hope the kiddos feel better and that your week isn't too hectic!

    1. Yep...We were going to sell, that fell through, and now we're selling again. SO much going on!!! :( I'll post a full update soon. :)

  2. We just had Zombie Burger last night- yum!!


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