Thursday, September 17, 2015

Laundry Room @ The Condo

I've shown you many spaces in our condo, but one place I've never revealed is our laundry room space.  Mainly because it's such a small/hidden area that I've never done anything with it.  I can't believe I didn't take before photos, but trust me, it wasn't anything fun!  Think 'Builder Beige' with several blackscuffs.

A couple of months ago, Mandy & Dustin from Havens Place on Etsy & FB agreed to deck out our space with the adorable, distressed handmade signs!  They gifted me with these three signs, and I purchased the coordinating iron hanger!  Their products are adorable & their customer service is great {we had a bit of a snafu with the USPS--imagine that!}
The mustard 'Lost & Found' sign is definitely my favorite.  Finally a spot for all of the 'extras' you find laying around!

Since the lighting is embarassingly terrible, I feel I should mention it's more of a gray/tan in person, not pinkish/creamy.  The color is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter
Walking into the main bathroom.  A room I've shown you before...

To the immediate right is a set of double doors...

everyone's iron board has a few burn marks, right?! ;)
the top shelf usually houses a stock pile of toilet tissue, papertowels, etc. beside the wrapping paper tote, but we're currently in need of another Costo run, so it's a bit bare.  ;)

It's so important to have functional items when you live in a condo or small living space.  By hanging these sign, I freed up space in the utility closet around the corner.  We also added the extra {higher} metal shelf, to help utilize some of the 10 ft. high ceilings.  I was shocked how painless it was to paint around all the wire shelving {yes dad, I kept it hung & didn't tape it} In person, the color is perfect and the decor makes this space feel so much more comfortable & cute! :)

Thanks again Haven's Place!


  1. Love the signs!! I need a sock sign!!! A tip jar would be nice too haha!! I really like the revere pewter, but I agree it never photographs the same color it actually is!!


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