Thursday, August 6, 2015

Family Adventure Day

After church a couple of weeks ago, Adam surprised us with a family day.  He has been DJing or had band gigs many weekends this summer, leaving us with less family time than we would like, so he planned a surprise with a day of adventure.  :)  He instructed us to get our swimming suites on and get in the car.

Our first stop was the Heritage Carousel in Des Moines {I didn't even know it existed}. The kids were so excited!! :)

Our second stop was the Story Walk behind the Urbandale Public Library.  I hadn't heard of this either -- major brownie points for Adam!!  They have little cases that they put each page of a book in and you walk around the pond reading the story.  This was so cool & the kids loved running to each stop.  They change the book each month, so we will definitely be going back!

We stopped at another Free Little Library.  We've seen so many of these since I originally posted about them

The third stop was to the Splash Pad at Ashby Park in Des Mones.  I have to admit, we're really spoiled with our splash pads in Ankeny, so this wasn't nearly as impressive, but it was fun to go to another one and check it out.  The kids liked that this one had some standing water so they could 'swim' around.

After the splash pad we grabbed a quick {McDonald's Happy Meal} lunch and drove to Indianola to drop DJ equipment off and see our friends.  The kids took a little car nap. :)

We swam for several hours which is always a hit for our family!  It helps when the weather is perfect!  It was such an incredible day {even more so because I didn't have to plan it!} :)

Adam found most of these ideas from this website


  1. My little guy loves the splash pad! We're also in Ankeny!!

    1. Isn't it awesome? We went again last Friday. Have you been to the little one at Dean Park yet?


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