Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day | 2015

Cully's shirt & jeans {old} from Baby GAP | My shirt is Lush from Von Maur & jeans from The Buckle | Jordyn's shirt is from Yonkers & jeans are from Baby GAP
Since becoming a mama, Mother's Day has always given me a flood of emotions.  Ranging from being thankful for my mom & mother in law and all they do for me and teach me, to being sad for all of those without their mom's close by, to dreading the day when I can't call my mom, to thinking about all the women to long to be mamas.  And of course the days I learned I was going to become a mom & the actual day I became a mom {& became one for the 2nd time} run through my head all day long.  But overall, I had a really good Mother's Day. 

I woke up in a hotel in Kansas City and quickly grabbed my children from my parent's room.  I was able to tell my mom Happy Mother's Day and give her a card first thing.  We got the kids ready & and met my parents and sister & husband at my sister's in law's house {still following me?! :)} for a late breakfast compliments of my sister & her hubby.  They also got me a card fill with kind words leaving me with tear filled eyes.  My kids & husband got me sweet cards, a bookmark, chocolate, & the bar cart I've been wanting! {so unexpected, especially since we were traveling!}  Jordyn also made me a sweet card & bookmark at preschool on Friday.  That afternoon we made the rainy drive back, picked up Murdock, & came home to unpack, take baths, and repack the kids for a sleepover with Gram & Papa until Thursday.  

High of the day :: Getting a photo with my babies!
Low of the day :: Saying goodbye to the kids for {another} 4 sleeps!

Mother's Day 2014 -- My favorite one to date!
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  1. That is an amazing photo with the kids. We missed out on getting ours, we need a redo! Glad you have a such a good weekend. 4 days will fly by!

    1. Thank you! Yes...I hope you had a chance to get one this past week!


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