Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chatbooks | Print your IG photos!

I'd seen several people mention Chatbooks {mainly on IG} but didn't really consider them until I saw my friend Alison order them.  

Chatbooks links to your Instagram account and autoplaces your photos {one on each page} into 60 page books.  The books are softcover, about 4"x4" & ship for free.  

You can customize them quite a bit {date, text, etc.} or leave them be.  I like to keep in simple, so I don't customize them much.  {read::I need quick & easy--I don't have time or energy for anything else!}  I just deleted a few photos I didn't want to include.  

Since I have almost 2000 Instagram photos {& hadn't printed one!}, I chose the option where they automatically send me 5 books each month until I catch up {instead of sending 20 books at one time!}--I now have 15 books.

They cost $6 and they're worth every cent!  {especially since so many of our 'daily life' photos are on Instagram and I hadn't printed one!  I would have cried if I had 'lost' them!}  I keep them at the lakehouse and people {friends, family, clients} are constantly browsing through them}.

If you want to try them out and get your first one free, use this code 2GHXF44Z.
This will also give me a $1 credit each time someone signs up, so thank you!
I was not compensated for this post


  1. Love chat books and then I got an idea to do some of just Noah! I haven't yet... But I like the idea hahah

  2. Girl.... i can't keep up with you. You are like super woman. They look like fun books! Too bad I don't have an I account :(

  3. YAY I love these so much!! So easy!!

    1. I agree…the easy part is what sold me!


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