Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jordyn + Cullyn 14|52

Jordyn | She's taking her independence to a new level these days.  Nobody is allowed to help her zip her coat or fasten her seatbelt.  And man is she proud when she accomplishes these tasks--no matter how long it takes her! :)

Cullyn | He was in heaven this weekend.  We spent all day Saturday and much of Sunday helping my sister landscape, so he was free to roam outside {in her fenced in backyard}.  He was so incredibly dirty the entire time.  He was caught, multiple times, walking barefoot through her raised flower beds and throwing handfuls of dirt into the grass {sigh}.  This boy loves roaming outside playing with dirt, rocks, and most of all…sticks!  {his face is scraped up from Wednesday afternoon at Grandma Joy's when he fell into a cement patio paver.  It matches is bruised legs perfectly.  #HelloSummer!} :)


  1. Your kids are just so darling, they have so much joy on their faces!

    1. Thank you…they bring joy to my face, too! :)


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