Friday, April 10, 2015

Photos on Friday::Emmett {4 years} Photoshoot

I can't believe I'm sharing Emmett's 4 year photos!  It seems absolutely impossible!  Especially since we went to our very first doctor's appointment {for Jordyn} the day he was born!  It's just surreal!  Anyways, here is my sweet, feisty, loving, wild, kind, smart Godson, Emmett.  Or Emmie Lou as Jordyn {& others} likes to call him! :)

I always laugh when I link back to previous Joynt family photos I've taken.  They were my first 'clients' and they're seen me through--that's all I have to say!  Looking at old photos just makes me cringe!  On a positive note...I'm improving! :)

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