Monday, March 30, 2015

This & That {w.13}

Did this:
Started with our new Nanny!
Listened to Jordyn record her first song and Adam start taking guitar lessons again
Took the kids & nanny for froyo to celebrate Jordyn sleeping in her bed {all night!} for a week {she was spending more and more time in our bed causing multiple sleep interruptions each night}
Took Cullyn on his March date -- breakfast & to the library to play with the trains
Donated snacks to the Ronald McDonald house at the hospital
Stopped by the botanical center to take our St. Patrick's Day photos -- yes 2 weeks late {they were both sick on SPD}
Had a pajama party with lake friends
Had Easter for the kids with Grandma Joy {both kids got their baskets & had Easter egg hunts}
Celebrated Ava & Mya's Birthdays' {nieces}
Photographed sisters
Had dinner with the Joynts

Instagrammed that:

Edited this:

Shot that:

Want to do this:

Made that:

Scheduled this:
T: March Dates + Deeds 
impromptu: Blurbs


  1. Mmmm your made that looks amazing!! C looks almost as all as J now!!

    1. It was good! He's close! There weight is getting closer, too! :)

  2. That trail mix loons delish! I should make some!! How is the new nanny? Does she stay there?

    1. It was good, & so simple! The new nanny is good, the kids LOVE her! No, she has an apartment in town with her fiance, so she comes and goes each day. :)


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