Monday, March 9, 2015

This & That {w.10}

Did this:
Submitted our application to get Jordyn into the 3 y/o preschool program
Committed to an Arizona vacation with friends a month from today
Terminated our contract with our sitter
Enjoyed a rare Friday afternoon by myself
Bought a few pieces for vaca & used up some Christmas giftcards
Spent the weekend with my family {dinners, gym, church, brunch...}
Listened to Adam's band play at Wobbly Boots
Took the kids skiing for the first time!
Photographed Bella Salons & Spas annual model shoot

Instagrammed that:

Shot this:

Edited that:

Want this:
If only I were rich!
Scheduled that:


  1. What happened with your sitter? Hope everything's ok.

  2. I love all your wants!! No more sitter? Hope all is ok!

  3. Ohhh vacation!! Wait no sitter?? What's up? Sounds like a busy week!


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