Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cullyn Dean | 18 Months

Cully man, no matter how much I try, I just cannot believe that my little baby is 18 months!  It seems so surreal!  I swear you went from being a little baby to a toddler in the blink of an eye.  Truly!  Overnight you went from baby babbling and grunting for what you want to speaking.  Milk, NO, tank you, nigh-night, dada, mama, owie, poop, ball, etc. 

That face right there, is totally you!  You're all sweet and innocent, my little snuggler, you shower us with open mouth, aggressive kisses, and then bam!  You're climbing the walls and playing with toilet plungers!  You keep me on my toes little man!  I tell everyone, and I mean it, there is a reason God gave you those gorgeous eyes & a smile that lights up a room!  You're fiesty, but I wouldn't want it any other way!

You might be crazy when you're awake, but you crash hard!  Once you started sleeping little man, you really took to it.  You sleep about 12 hours a night, almost never waking for anything.  We lay you down in your crib with your milk, a blankie, & the noise machine and you go down without a peep.  You a sissy sleep in the same room, but it's never really been an issue.  You have, on occasion, slept in Jordyn's toddler bed, and you do great.  We have thought about transitioning you to a toddler bed, but at this point you're happy in your crib, so we've just left it for now. 

You love, love, love to be naked!  Taking baths is a favorite, mainly because you're free!  Diaper & clothing changes are a full-on contact sport with you.  Always a joy I tell you!  Twisting, turning, pulling on your who-who, giggling, etc.  You think you're hilarious, which makes me giggle even though I really want to invest in some hand cuffs so I don't have to put you in a leg lock just to change your diaper! 

It's crazy to think you could be my final 'baby.'  And also crazy, that when Jordyn was your age, she was a big sister!  As much as I want a couple {few?} more kids, I truly couldn't imagine having Jordy, you, and a newborn right now!  I love you something fierce, but you're a handful little man!  

You are my eater.  And while you are terrible about eating at the table {you just don't want to sit still!}, you eat a lot.  Like 3 hotdogs + sides at one sitting!  You'll eat the main fruits & veggies, but you really prefer meat, potatoes, & casseroles.  Oh, and sweets! :)

Your best friend, hands down, is Murdock.  Where Murdock is, is where we find you most of the time.  You are constantly climbing on, hugging, or squeezing that poor dog!  It's a good thing he loves you just as much, because if he didn't he would buck you off when you ride him like a horse.  

You are a total joy to have in our lives.  You're such a little man, the best snuggler, & a complete stinker!  You fit perfectly in this family.  I can't imagine our life without you.  We love you!  Mama


  1. Awwee! Such a handsome boy! Happy 18 months, Cullyn!

  2. These pictures are just beautiful, and what a handsome little man you have there. BTW, your hair looks amazing! :)


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