Monday, July 28, 2014

This & That {v.29}

So incredibly overwhelmed right now.  I pretty much don't even remember when blogging is since I'm lucky to post twice a week right night.  Hello new student season at my real job & outdoor photoshoot season at my photography business...
Did this:
Posted Iowa State Fair {mini} sessions
Took the kids to a follow up at the ENT {back in 2 months for J & 6 months for C, if not before.  Cullyn lost his right tube and had uninfected fluid in his left ear.  Jordyn lost her right tube or it is clogged.  She also has fluid in her left ear.  Talk of removing her tonsils & adenoids in the future}
Took Cullyn to his 15 month well check {2 shots, 10th% for weight & 11% for height}
Took Jordyn to Art Class at the library
Went to the park with the kids
Spent the weekend at the lake 
Photographed baby Jade {3 months}
Went Paddleboarding for the first time. 
Hosted Adam's cousin, husband, & two adorable children from Oklahoma at the lake! :)
Ate pizza from the pizza box lid at the park
Broke into our house after being locked out for 2 hours on Sunday night. :

Instagrammed that

Shot this: 

Edited that:
Because nothing really happens unless it's Instagrammed! :)

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  1. That picture of the kids on the swing is sooo great!


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