Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm sharing my secret {to running on a treadmill}

Sorry for the terrible photo, blame it on the self timer! :)  But look at that sweat running off my face--one of my most favorite feelings ever!
Since it's been raining on some level pretty much around the clock since Sunday, I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you my secret.  About Running.  Several people have asked how I run so far {up to 10 miles} on a treadmill.  So here it is…

I used to be the girl that had to have my iPod on my arm {loud enough to mask my heavy breathing}, my headband holding my hair, fresh gum, the perfect running outfit, special socks, etc.

But I'm over all of that.  Now it's just me, my tennis shoes, and my kindle.  

Yep, that's the key to long runs on a treadmill {for me anyways!}.  I increase the font size on my Kindle by one and set it on the ledge.  I don't run outside very often, but when I do, I take my Kindle and earbuds and listen to a book.  It's seriously the best way to pass time.  And, an added bonus, I'm able to catch up on books I've been wanting to read.  This is how I do 80% of my reading now that I've got two small children that only want to read board books.  Talk about multitasking! :)

A few other things…
I play mind games with myself the last mile.  I increase my speed by .1 each 1/10 of a mile.  So if I'm doing a 5 mile run at 5.3 mile pace, at 4.1 miles I bump  my speed to 5.4, at 4.2 miles I adjust to 5.5, etc.  So I end my 5 miles at a speed of 6.3.  It doesn't effect my overall run time by much, but I feel like it helps me increase my speed a bit.  It's nice to know my body can do more and I love to see how fast I can end my run.  Plus, let's face it, sometimes that last mile is HARD!

Some days I just don't feel it and I'll end up just running 3 miles, and that's okay {just not on race day please!!} :)  But really, you have to want to run.  It's mostly a mental game.  I see people with shorter legs than me, older than me, or heavier than me that can all out perform me on my best day.  And?  Running outside will always be my favorite.  Unfortunately for me, I only have daycare available at the gym so I am forced to run on the treadmill {most of the time}.  And I live in Iowa where it's still in the 40's in April!

Also, cross training is huge.  This is the first time I've belonged to a gym and the first time I've cross trained, and let me tell you, it' makes a huge difference!  Some of my favorite cross training activities are Step, Kickboxing, Biking {pulling the kids}, Cardio Blast & Burn, HIIT Classes, Yoga, & of course family walks.

The bonus of all of this, besides watching my body do things I didn't know were possible {& I'm not talking about the chaffing--literally SCABS in areas I didn't know where possible!  Not just between the thighs, we're talking under the ta-tas even--who would have thought?!}, watching the pounds melt away.  Having energy feels amazing {trust me, I need every ounce of energy I can get!} and having people stop you to comment on your new look is encouraging.  I'm down just over 20 pounds and it feels so good!

Now, if I could only learn down to push the double stroller while running, without making it feel like I'm pushing 75 pounds!  Holy buckets it's harder than it looks! :)

Last thing--promise!  Does anyone know how to allow the treadmill to go more than 60 minutes at a time withouth resetting?  Because that is my biggest pet peeve!  I totally want to see that thing say 10! 


  1. You are so inspiring! I cannot stand the treadmill, but have recently started reading while I walk which definitely makes it less boring. Congrats on your progress, and good luck on race day! :)

  2. I really want to get a treadmill, just to have another option.

  3. Your gym may have it programmed to stop at 60 min or the machine itself is programmed that way. My gym has the treamills end at 90 min. I know what you mean's nice to see the total mileage at the end of the long run. Maybe get a Garmin watch to run outside with and that will tell you how far you've gone. I have one and can't imagine running without it now!

  4. Does your stroller have a separate setting for jogging versus strolling? Mine does, which locks the front wheel in the straight forward position. It makes it easy for pushing, but curves are ridiculously hard! Our neighborhood has sidewalks that curve in an S-like shape at every intersection and I end up off-roading in people's yards most of the time. :-X


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