Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Big Purchase {New Wheels}

The beginning of this year {February maybe...I can't remember!} we bought a new {to us!} 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan!  Most of you know this already, but I love documenting big purchases. This is the third vehicle we've purchased in our 4 years of marriage {yikes!}.  We traded in my Santa Fe and Adam kept his car since he isn't going to be seen in a minivan drives a lot of miles for work.

I have to admit, this is exactly what we weren't going for.  My requests were 1. Reliable {Import with Low Miles} and 2. Basic.  I had a loaded Nissan Altima that I LOVED, be having two kids in daycare full time, we needed to be as practical as possible at this point.  And the purpose of this car was to increase space, not upgrade.  However, after looking at our options we ended up deciding on the exact opposite {except low mileage}.
And I must admit, the luxury sure is nice!  I didn't realize how much I missed auto seats and auto start until I got them back!  And even though it's missing a moon-roof, mute button on the steering wheel, & the ability to roll the windows down from the key fab, the DVD player, navigation, backup cameras, & auto open doors definitely make up for it! :)

And I cannot, not mention space.  Oh my word!  Stow N Go is fabulous!  And stadium seating, I cannot wait to go tailgating!  I completely get that while this is the car I've been begging and begging for, it's not for everyone.  In fact, I'm pretty sure every single one of our friends has given me {& Adam!} crap for it, but even Adam will admit, it's comfortable, reliable, and most practical for our family right now.  

And Jordyn's favorite feature...the ability to roll her window down! :)

And for the sake of keeping it real....
It's been this dirty since the day we brought it home.  And we've already had to repair a nasty chip in the windshield.  And nobody is fessing up to it, but something already happened to my bumper...
Oh, and I have an appointment on Tuesday to check out the engine/transmission.  I feel like it's 'catching' when I take off.... :/


  1. Fancy!!! I don't think windshield ever are clear of chips!! So annoying.

  2. Josh keeps saying he'd love to drive a minivan. But the kid has a loaded 2013 Charger and is CONSTANTLY coming home telling me that such & such dealership has one with this feature or that feature and that he HAS TO HAVE it. Minivan my @$$. I'd end up being the one that drove it.

    But wait till I have one more kid and/or Beckett starts eating snacks in the car - I'll probably be dying for the one that comes with a vacuum cleaner, lol.


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