Monday, December 23, 2013

Rallying from the Great Christmas Funk of 2013 {Christmas Advent Activities::Cocoa|Books|Santa|Lights|Trees}

I should start this post by saying a week or so ago we took the kids to get photos with Santa.  When we entered we were told to get a ticket and they would call our group.  We got our ticket and the young girl nicely said 'they will call your group at 7:30' Adam and I looked at each other like did she just say 7:30?!  It was a Tuesday night, folks.  It wasn't even 6p yet.  An hour.and.a.half wait, on a Tuesday night, for Santa?!  Nevermind.  So we drove back home. 
 The very next night, determined to add some fa, la, la, la, la to our Christmas season, I decided we would drive the kids around to look at the Christmas lights {simple, fun, cheap}.  So I researched asked Facebook where the best streets were in town.  I grabbed the kids from daycare after work, went to the gym, picked up Adam.   I had the best locations printed off, popcorn in hand, and we were all packed in the car, we were all set..  Except it was 6:45p and Cullyn was so very over his car seat and ready for a diaper change, so he was screaming.  Jordyn was starving and {like her mama} is very emotional when she's hungry.  So in an effort to calm them, and keep on with our plans, I climbed in the back between their seats {mind you, it's a very tiny SUV so it's a tight squeeze!}.  It was a failed effort.  Our map app wasn't finding the locations, the kids were crying screaming so hard that we couldn't even hear the Christmas music, and Jordyn managed to rip the bag of popcorn so the entire bag went everywhere in the back seat.  We found one block of Christmas decor and I called mission abort, head back to home base asap!  So much for adding a little cheer to our season.

{insert a weekend at the lake wrapping Christmas presents & listening to Christmas music in front of the fireplace, followed by brunch with Santa on Sunday}

Sunday night we went to Jolly Holiday Lights {like we did last year

::Wow, this post didn't anywhere close to the direction I intended it to, but that's okay.  It will work as a little Advent Activity recap I guess:: 

Monday Adam woke up sick {like sick, sick} so I took the kids to daycare and went to work.  But after work, I didn't really want the kids around him.  So I was trying to think of thinks that would get us out of the house.  And then I remembered driving by a little outdoor tree lot {not a tree farm like we already went to, but the pre-cut ones} and thought Jordyn would enjoy running around there.  Plus, it's something you can only do at Christmas time!  So, we headed out.
Northwoods Evergreen Company {WI}
The big, bright lights.  The cute stands for the trees to sit in.  The scent of fresh Evergreens.  The Adorable little campers set up.
Local Church
It was awesome.  Cool, but not cold.  We ended up visiting three that night.  Cheap, fun, & festive!  Although cutting a tree down from a tree farm is a must, I hope we always take a night to wander around the Tree Lot.
Boy Scouts of America

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