Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree {a trip to the tree farm}

A few weeks ago {okay, Thanksgiving weekend}, I had a photoshoot scheduled in my hometown, so after Thanksgivng at my sisters house, we went back to Denver.  Since we were there, we went with my parents to cut down a tree for Christmas, just like old times! {except now I'm bringing my children along--that doesn't seem possible}

We went to a cut your own farm called Kris Kringle and it was picturesque!  They had beautiful buildings, complete with popcorn, cookies, &cider, Christmas decor, and Santa Clause {you can imagine how excited Jordyn was--haha!}.  They also had an open fire pit to make s'more at {one of our favorite things!   And a sweet puppy that roams around.  The week leading up to Thanksgiving was pretty cold, but this morning the sun was shining and it was pretty warm {for an Iowa winter day}. It was a perfect way to start our holiday season!!

{also noteworthy::Jordyn experience her first port-a-potty.  If you haven't taken a 2 year old, in the middle of potty training, to a port-a-potty, you're missing out!} 

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