Monday, December 2, 2013

Follow up from the ENT

I thought I should probably publish this {it's been sitting in drafts} since we're headed to into surgery at 8:15 today.  I'll update after surgery.

Two weeks ago, I took both the kids back to the ENT.  They had hearing tests {Jordyn's 2nd and Cullyn's 1st since he wasn't 6 months lat time} and then follow up appointments.

They did Jordyn's hearing test first.  It wasn't good.  The tubes weren't doing what they were supposed to to.  And she was still dealing with hearing loss in her right ear.

Cullyn's hearing test showed fluid in one year. They don't test for hearing loss at his age, because they are unable to communicate properly.

They we saw the medical student, nurse, nurse practitioner, and physician {plus the three of us made it quite the room full!}

They checked Cullyn out and said he had fluid in one ear, but no infection {which is a great thing}.  But since he had C-Diff {and is no longer to take Anti-boitics} if it were to become infected {now or later} it would require emergent tubes.  So, he said scheduling tubes would be best.  Adam and I agreed {we feared we would be at the hospital on Christmas night getting tubes in if we decided to wait}.

Then they checked Jordyn's tubes.  As a recap, she got tubes about a month ago, at her one week recheck the right ear was still infected so we continued the drops, at her two week checkup {from surgery} they looked good.  This was here four week checkup {from surgery} and the right ear had a blood clot in the tube and the left had a bunch of dried drainage in the tube.  So he had me hold her chest and arms down, the student held her legs down because she was kicking, and the nurse practitioner held her head while the physician scraped the tube clean.  It was probably the worst thing I have had to do to my child, ever.  It broke my heart!  Unfortunately while cleaning the tube he saw that her ear is growing around the tube and rejecting the tube.  Plus she has a double ear infection behind the tube.  So, she needs a new set of tubes.

So on Monday, December 2nd Cullyn will get tubes and they will remove Jordyn's first set of tubes and insert her second set.

Uffdah!  I'm not sure how much more I can handle!  Not to mention we hadn't really budgeted for three sets of tubes in 2 months, right before Christmas.  :/  BUT…I am SO READY for my babies to feel good again.  They have both been through SO much the past couple of months.


  1. Oh my goodness, poor kids!! Hopefully they will work this time, for both of them. I didn't know Cullyn has c-diff, that has got to complicate things as it takes a while to heal?
    Hang in there mama!!

  2. Thanks for entering my giveaway; your babies are ADORABLE!! I'm so sorry you're having such a tough time:-( When Shelby was 20 days old we had to put her in a device for a chest xray & I thought it was the worst thing ever; it looked like a torture chamber! I had tubes twice as a kiddo...hoping they work for you guys & you can have happy babies again!!

  3. Definitely not the greatest of news. Hope it all helps.

  4. Wow, how awful for your precious babies! Did you or your hubby have ear issues when you were little? I hope they're both feeling better now!


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