Monday, December 16, 2013


Dreading...sleep training Cullyn.  My mom is taking Jordyn {& Murdock} on Wednesday night so we can work on sleep training Cullyn.  He used to be SUCH a good sleeper.  And then he got a few ear infections, and then C-Diff, and then tubes.  Now that we had a follow up with the ENT and his ears are good, we really need to sleep train him.  He's getting up anywhere from 1-12 times a night.  And usually gets a bottle at least once {4-8oz depending on the night}.  I know {from research and speaking with pediatricians & other physicians} that there is no need for a baby older than 6 months to be getting up through the night {it's purely out of habit}.  The snuggles can be awesome since he just wants to cuddle and be rocked, but it's killing us! finish my Christmas shopping this week.  I only have a few gifts left.
Hoping...I get several of the blog posts finished are started and sitting in my drafts {including Jordyn's 2nd birthday posts!} Christmas music 
Loving...reading about everyone's holiday traditions.  So many fun ideas out there!
Planning...the last of our Christmas activities.
Praying...for the family of a man the drown at Lake P on Saturday.  Adam and I are just sick about it.  It's such a small lake and everyone knows everyone, so it's devastating.  I keep playing the scenario out in my head, what if it were Adam, how is his family doing, when will they find him, why aren't they searching anymore until Spring, why did this have to happen right before the holidays.... We are just sick about it.
Reading...NOTHING!  Now that photography is slow again, I am really hoping to start reading again!
Smiling...because we had such a fun day yesterday {full post coming soon} much fun the holidays are going to be with Jordyn.  I can't wait to see how much more interactive she will be during Christmas this year.
Watching...the movie 42 and some shows from the DVR since we've been gone so much lately.  I just told Adam that I really need to watch more Christmas movies.  I think I've only watched 1 since Thanksgiving--so sad!
Wishing...I had a fun {easy & cheap} treat/gift idea for Jordyn & Cullyn's daycare friends.  Anybody have any ideas?  The kids are 7mo, 8mo, 1, 1 1/2, 2, & 3.  Also wishing my husband would get better.  He's been sick for 6 weeks and today caught the flu. :( 
Working...on catching up at work before the 'year end' rush comes! :/  How can 2013 be {practically} over already?!


  1. Good luck with the sleep training!!
    We are pretty much finished our shopping now! Just one hard FIL left to buy for!

  2. I hope the sleep training is going well!! You have a lot going on lately. You are super Mom. I LOVE Christmas music! I wish I could listen all year long! :)


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