Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Concert :: Keith Urban {Light the Fuse 2013}

Last Saturday night we went to the Keith Urban concert with our best friends.  We had so much fun!  I can't believe this was only our SECOND time out with them sans kids.  Once for a nice dinner and now for a concert.

My parents came to town to watch the kids, so we got ready and went to the local bar where a few of our friends we {after the ISU homecoming game} and had a couple of drinks.  Then we headed downtown and met up with Jon & Jess.  We intended to get a couple of appetizers, but it was so, so busy that we just got a few drinks.  We headed to the concert where Dustin Lynch was playing, followed by Little Big Town, & then Keith Urban.

I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of Keith Urban before the concert.  Not like I didn't like him, I just didn't know him.  I knew I would know some songs once I got there.  I just have to hear a song to know if I know it {I don't really keep up with 'artists' per say, but I do listen to the radio}.

Okay, all that to say…I loved him!  Of course we I know it's got a smokin' bod and super sexy voice, but he was a really sweet guy.  And if you can't tell…I was super pumped that he walked right by us {twice}.  So close he sweat on me!  And then, part way through the concert {when he walked by us} he went to a different stage.  Luckily my cousins {Matt & Kelly} were also at the concert and had floor tickets, so when he went to the other stage, I jumped down and ran up to the stage.  I was less than 4 feet from his microphone stand! :)

It was an awesome night, that ended at Village Inn {haven't done that since college!}  So awesome to hang out with our friends and spend some quality adult time with them.

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  1. Oh man, I need for that to happen between me and Adam Levine!


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