Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cullyn {7 Months}

 Seven months!  Your officially closer to 1 year than newborn.  {how is this possible?!}  :/
If I'm being completely honest, you've had a rough month.  You were diagnosed with C-Diff as a result from the two antibiotics you had for your ears the month before.  So you went to the doctor three times.  And spent a good portion of two weeks being very miserable.  It was so, so sad.  You didn't eat much, didn't sleep well, and had the worst diaper rash I have ever seen.  It broke my heart!  At your follow-up ENT appointment, they scheduled you for tubes.  You had fluid in one year {that wasn't infected} but since you had C-Diff, you won't be able to take antibiotics for a while, so should it become infected, emergent tubes would be required. So, for that reason {and the fact that you have ears like your mama and sissy} you will be getting tubes next week.  

As I mentioned above, sleep took a sharp turn for the worse again this month. You were just started to sleep so well and then you got sick.  :(  You now eat four, seven-ounce bottles throughout the day {although some days this past month you only ate 7-13 ounces}.  Since you weren't eating well, we fed you constantly throughout the day to help keep your fluid intake up {we didn't want you to end up in the hospital for dehydration}.  I intended to give you food this month, but because you were so sick, you didn't have much.  We did try a little bit of pureed apples, carrots, and green beans.  After you get tubes, we hope to get you eating more 'real' food.  You're in size 3 diapers, size 6 month onesies, and 6 month clothes.    You weigh 17 pounds.

You are rolling over constantly and sit up unattended.  You have also started army crawling!  If you see something you want, you go directly for it.  Nothing will stop you! :)  It's so fun to see you interacting!  Other big news…your first two teeth {bottom} broke through this month, finally!  

More firsts…you had your first Halloween {you went as a Giraffe} and you had an overnighter with Gram and Papa!  

Love you to the moon & back baby boy!

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