Monday, November 25, 2013

This & That {a weekend at HOME!}

We had an awesome weekend and I'm so excited for a short work week before 4 days of fun & family time.
Did this:
Forgot all of my makeup at the lake house
Therefore, went a week without wearing makeup
Scheduled tubes for both kids
Celebrated my {future} brother in law's graduation
Edited {lots} again
Ate lots of ice cream {Adam surprised me with my favorite stuff}
Spent 24 hours alone 
Caught up on Photography work…for 5 hours
Make lots of babyfood for Cully
Skipped the gym {twice}
Shot two photography sessions, both in new locations
Had a date night in 
Watched Olympus Has Fallen
Cheered the Vikings to a tie {WTH…I didn't know a tie was possible…this isn't elementary!}
Made 3 meals for the freezer
Had my dad hang our 2'x3' canvas and a cable in the playroom for the kids' artwork 
Finally put the kids' handprints in their baby books
Caught up on photography emails {although I'm behind again, already}
Bought material for our stockings! :)
Made Thanksgiving shirts for both kids

Instagrammed that:

Edited this: 

Shot that:
A LOVEly Pillow Fight!! :)
Scheduled this:
M::This and That 
T::Cullyn 7 Months
W::A Whole Latta Christmas {Countdown to Christmas w/ Kids} 4 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!
T:: Happy Thanksgiving!
F:: Brad & Alicia's {my sister!!} Engagement Photoshoot 

Made that:
Bacon Ranch Dip

Sour Cream
Mayo {real}
Dry Ranch Seasoning
Crumbled Bacon {real}
Chopped Scallions

Mix and enjoy.  I pair it with this Beer Bread.  YUM!!

Hoping to win this:


  1. Sounds like you've been busy!! Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. Pillow fight!!!??? Amazing!!! Can't wait to see more!!


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