Thursday, September 5, 2013

[pure] Michigan

At last...I've finally taken a few minutes to jot down the highlights of our Michigan trip.  Ya know, the one we took three months ago?!  Ya, that one! :)
I've been to some pretty awesome places from California to Florida and Oregon to Texas, and I really want my family to see {a portion of} all 50 states {which is why I started Travel Journals for each of my kids}.  To make that happen, we {usually} aren't able to go to different states more than once.  So this summer, with a newborn and toddler, I knew I didn't want to go too far, or anywhere too crazy busy/touristy, or expensive for that matter, but I did want to take the kids to a new state.  So as I mentioned here, the opportunity came to go to Michigan.  The 'swap' ended up falling through {boo!} but we still rented her cottage for the week.  Here are snapshots of our week in Michigan...

We had to visit 'Hell, MI' just to say we had been there.  No was very brief!  :)
We spent the night at our lakehouse the night before we left, which took an hour off our trip.  With a 6 week and 18 month old, every hour counts! :)  Early {5a} June 4th, we packed up my in laws van and headed an hour East to pick up my sister.  She was our 'nanny' for the week, although she absolutely refused the title! :)  But she did come along to help us with the kiddos.  It ended up being perfect because we were running low on sleep so she came in very handy chasing Jordyn around.  Or soothing Cullyn so we could play with Jordyn.  She was a Godsend while traveling.  She was back there with them able to hand Jordyn snacks and stick Cullyn's paci back in, etc.  I think we've decided we might take a 'nanny' on every vacation from here on out! :) Kidding!  Sort of.

Our cottage was perfect for us.  It was two bedroom, one bath so Cullyn slept in a pack n play in our room and Jordyn slept in a pack n play {she still wont sleep in bed with anyone} in the 'bunk bed room' with Alicia.  It had a small kitchen and living room {no TV--YAY!!} with a large screened in porch.  It was just heavenly!  

Most of our days were spent lounging, playing outside {even though it wasn't terribly warm!}, canoeing, going for walks, fishing off the dock, and playing games on the porch.

One day we ventured to Ann Arbor {about an hour East I think} to go to the Children's Museum.  This was Jordyn's first time and she LOVED it!  She went from one thing to the next, to the next.  She was so tired by the time we left!  


After the Children's Museum we drove around Ann Arbor for a bit.  We saw the Michigan stadium.  

One evening we were invited over to Bernie's Tiki Bar {Bernie is the consultant I met at work who owns the cottage we rented}.  Her boyfriend, David, made everything in the backyard. I wish you could have seen this in person since the photos don't do justice.  

Someone was a bit confused how ice cream bars work! :)  She had SO MUCH FUN with Bernie's little grandson! 
The night before we left to come home we made s'mores.  Jordyn was IN LOVE with them.  She didn't however like sticky hands! :)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! And that's pretty neat you got to see Hell Michigan, if only briefly ;-)

  2. We lived in Michigan for 3 years, and while I hated the snow, I loved this time of year there. There is so much beautiful country up there!

  3. Aww, I love Michigan! I love going home with Josh. It looks like you guys had so much fun. :-)


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