Thursday, September 12, 2013

If this world was designed for mamas...

Every single business that sells anything should have a drive through.  Not just the pharmacy and the liquor store {true story, we have a drive through liquor store a block from our house...holla!}.  The flowershop, the gas station, restaurants {real ones, not the greasy kind}, and most of all ...Panera Bread.  Do you know how many times I've wanted a bagel from Panera on a Friday morning and don't just because I'm too lazy to unload {& reload} the kids {again!}?

There would be no more squeeky doorknobs!  I don't know how many times I've woken my kids up when trying to peek in the room to check on them.  However, I think I have almost mastered opening the door with out them hearing me.  I've got it down to a science.  Gently get a firm grip with one hand, slowly turn the handle while pulling it toward yourself, make sure it's turned 100%, then lightly {and oh so slowly} push it forward with your other hand {that's holding your cell phone for light, obviously}.  Of course if the ceiling fan is on, or the window is open, or the heat is on it requires a whole new set of rules.  :)

There would be a daycare everywhere.  Not just at some gyms, but like everywhere.  Target, the grocery store, the tanning salon.  Since having children, do you know how much stuff I can get done in 15 minutes when someone else is watching my child?!  And how many times have you skipped a hair/mani/pedi appointment because you couldn't find a sitter for you kids?  For real!

Every parking spot would have a shopping cart withing 10 feet.  I know, pre-children I dodged those shopping cart corrals like the plague.  Now though?  I will park two miles {not really, but you know..} from the front door as long as I have a cart close.  I don't want to leave me {unattended} children while I take a five minute jog to find an empty cart.  And of course I don't even attempt to carry both children all the way to the front of the store by myself.  Did that once.  No less than seven strangers stopped to ask me if they could help me.  thank you, but no. 
{On an unrelated,--but related--note, those sweet, kind hearted souls that offer to take your cart back for you because they're headed inside anyways?  You people are my absolute favorite.  I vow to do that as much as possible!}

And for the love of all things holy...could someone please design a sippy cup that really doesn't leak?!  I'm so tired of buying {another} new cup that after two uses starts leaking just as bad as the 348428 others you've bought.  Thankfully we only give J milk or water, but seriously if I have to wash sheets again just because of spilled milk, I might hurt myself!  It can't be rocket science.  If we can design a car that reverses and parks itself, someone should be able to design a freaking piece of plastic that doesn't leak!

/ end rant! :)  

What drives you crazy?!


  1. haha! I can relate to all of the above! Cups I don't have a huge problem with as long as I assemble properly, but milk in the bed is the worst!

  2. Love all of these! Not to make you insanely jealous but the Panera closest to my house has a drive thru! It is divine. But the line is always long! Worth it if you have kids with you tho!

  3. Having just moved back to England I am really moaning about the lack of drive-through. Managing to take my daughter to her early morning swim practice without a coffee drive-through is simply pushing it!

    Kate x
    Kate at Home


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