Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicago 2013

I'm less than 2 months behind posting this… #winning!

Since we didn't take a large family vacation this year, I decided it would be the perfect time to take my hubby to see his beloved Cubs for the first time.  He's been a huge fan for 30+ years and never saw Wrigley field!  So I asked my sister and her boyfriend {also big Chicago Cubs fans} to join us.  My other sister rearranged her schedule {she was at a concert in MN} to join us with her boyfriend.  So it ended up being a sisters trip + our men.  This was the first time we had taken one and it was awesome.  I hope to do it again!!

The first thing we did when we got in Chicago {after driving by our hotel} was go to Giordano's Pizza.  I had been to Lou Malnati's on my last visit to Chicago and I've heard it's a toss up between these two.  So naturally, I had to try in.  YUMMY!  But the winner is Lou Malnati's {IMO}

After lunch we headed to the bean for a few photos.  {last Bean photos here}  We had the perfect weather {the entire trip}.  So blessed!  

After 'the bean' we continued walking to around the Riverwalk 

After the Riverwalk we spent the afternoon at Navy Pier

My super serious husband!  Love him! :)

Then we took a Segway tour {a Bucket list item}.  None of us had ever done this and we ended up having So.Much.Fun!  I would recommend trying it if you haven't before.

After the tour we walked around downtown for a while and had dinner before taking the train back to the hotel {we stayed out by the airport}.  The hotel  was quite hilarious.  Basically they sucked at everything.  Like literally everything!  They gave one of our rooms away {we reserved 2, one of them had to have two beds} since we weren't able to check in before we left for the day and didn't get back to the hotel until almost midnight.  Ashley & Myles we stuck sleeping on a end table and a chair.  They didn't have ANY extra pillows {read: They were too lazy to find them}.  They didn't have ANY extra towels {since they provided 4 even though our reservation way for 6!  Read: They didn't want to bring us any!} The list goes on.  Long story short…it makes for a great story. 

The next morning we went to Yolk.  It was SO worth the wait.  I would highly recommend it if you haven't been there yet.  Great food, huge portions, friendly staff.

After Yolk we took the train to Wrigleyville for the game.

First we checked out the stadium

The we walked to The Cubby Bear 

Merkle's Bar {Awesome because it's University of Iowa themed}

Jake's Pub {A BIG deal for Adam since our local bar in town--that Adam once frequented a LOT--was started and named after this bar}  Bonus: They had an adorable dog {Abel} that roamed the bar!  :)

And lastly Casey Moran's

And then it was game time… {the real reason for the trip} :)

The ball that was hit to me {& I should have caught,  but I was afraid of it!}


Sisters!!! :)

I learned what a rally cap was…unfortunately it didn't work! :(
Cubs lost 6-10 :(  But overall Chicago was a win! :)


  1. Chicago looks awesome! We drove through it (never got off the highway) last year on our road trip and it looked neat! Super hot though when we drove through!!

  2. Oh my gosh. It looks so fun. We really want to go there!! It's on the list!! :)

  3. GAHHHH!! Looking back at this makes me want to plan another trip with the 6 of us! SO.FUN!


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