Friday, August 16, 2013

a Summertime Photoshoot {Tropical Sno}

Since I'm unable {unwilling?!} to take the time to blog this summer, I thought I would share some photos from an afternoon in July .  Jordyn was 21 months old and had her first SnoCone.  She loved it just as much {okay, maybe more!} than her dada loves them!  She finished hers and was all like 'gimmie yours!'  I'm pretty sure we'll have more visits to TropicaSno in our future!  

Seriously...don't she look 4 sitting with her leg up like that?  Where did my baby go?!


  1. Oh my, so adorable! Love those chubby little legs! :) She is really growing up. Love the pigtails too !

  2. She has grown soo much!!! But she is beautiful!!! Love the pics!!


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