Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cullyn's Birth Story

You made your way into this world very quickly!  

About 7am I starting having {what I thought were} light contractions.  Daddy went to work and I joked that 'today might be the day.'  I gave Jordyn a bath and continued to get myself ready for the day.  At 9:30a we had your 39 week appointment {at 39w1d}.  Your OB {Dr. Olesen} was in the hospital for deliveries, so we met with another physician.  She checked us over.  Everything looked good.  I was dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced {so not much progress}.  I told her I thought I had been having light contractions all morning, but she kind of brushed be off.  We scheduled an induction for the following week, but in the back of my head I knew I would meet you before then.  

After the appointment, we went over to Aunt Ashley's house.  I knew that if I went home I would just look at the clock and fret over if this was 'real' labor or not and when to go in.  So we spent the next hour hanging out at Ashley's.  About 11 I decided I should at least go to the hospital.  I text my OB and I knew she would most likely keep me.  So we ran to Walmart {since mama forgot to pack diapers for Big Sis} and then I headed to the hospital {with Aunt Ashley and Jordyn}.  Daddy was at an important meeting for work until 3p, so I didn't want to bug him until I knew this was the real deal.  {Plus, after having Jordyn, I just knew this would be an all day event}  However, he text for an update when we were on the way to the hospital and insisted on heading our way.

About 11:45 we checked into the labor & delivery floor at Mercy Hospital.  By 12:05p daddy was on the L&D room with us.  I was between 6&7 cm dilated, 100% effaced, and water was bulging.  Aunt Ashley took Jordyn home to nap.  At 12:15p Dr. Olesen broke my water {in an attempt to deliver you before her scheduled c-section}.  They started my IV and took lab work.  By this point contractions were getting much longer and more frequent.  I was so thankful daddy was there with me!  I started begging for an epidural, but we were still waiting on 'rushed' lab work to come back.  

Finally, at 1:12p when I was dilated to an 8, Dr. Hart came and gave me the epidural.  I promised not to wait this long before coming in next time!  By 1:20p the edge was taken off, and I started requesting daddy take some photos.  At 1:40 we decided to start pushing and you were born at 2:24p.  You were 19 inches long and 7lbs. 5oz.

Your birth was so different from your sisters in so many different ways.  Not only did you come quicker, but you also took a while to cry.  I found myself less emotional this time, but I savored our first few minutes so much more.  We had skin to skin {Kangaroo} time and I nursed you right away.  I knew from the second you were placed in my arms that you were smaller than your sister, and although it wasn't by much, you were smaller.  Although many things were different, you look like your sister's twin {just 18 months later}.  You had the most beautiful lips, with a cute button nose, tiny little ears, and strawberry blonde hair...just like sissy.

Mama and daddy have been blessed with two perfect, healthy, beautiful babies.  Praise God.  


  1. Soo happy he came quickly!! Beautiful story!!! Love all the pics!!

  2. Yeah! I've been waiting for this story! :) so glas things went so well!

  3. CUTE!! So happy everything went well.....and he is adorable!! COngrats to you both! and baby sister and puppy too! ha

  4. Awww, love it. I bet you were glad he came so quickly! ;-)

  5. Such a sweet story and what a beautiful family picture! Congrats!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  6. I loved reading this. And those pictures with Murdock - I die!!!!! They are so cute together!!! Congrats again!!

  7. What a beautiful post! Congratulations Abby. Those are some fabulous pictures.

  8. Those picture with Murdock are beyond adorable! I am so happy for you! Happy Birthday Cullyn!

  9. How sweet! Those pictures are precious. Wow! He did come fast! Good thing you went in when you did!


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