Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I Say About MY Loved One...

After this post, I figured I should fill you in a bit more on my loved one.  Sometimes I forget that you guys don't all know us in real life, so you don't know the everyday stuff.  So here are a few things you would know if you've met my husband in person...

--misses his truck
--will always help a friend, family member, or stranger out
--makes dinner every night
--gets Murdock & Jordyn ready and dropped off at daycare each morning
--is a night owl
--has a beautiful voice [& is the lead singer in a band]
--was my best friend for a year before we started dating
--will eat or drink almost anything
--is better about keeping up with our friends & family than me
--has a HUGE heart
--enjoys hunting, golfing, fishing, boating, poker, & smoking meat
--loves to host friends & family
--is only serious when he needs to be
--knows pretty much every song, the words to it, & who sings it
--hard-working and determined
--LOVES our lakehouse!
--makes Jordyn laugh & smile like nobody else! {I refuse to take her photos without him there!}
--is learning the guitar and is interested in the harmonica next
--prefers to make dinner over eating out
--likes sour candy, but prefers meat/potatoes over any dessert
--loves live music
--has tons of friends
--tells me I'm beautiful often
--will help with anything I ask him to
--don't attend church regularly, but can school most people when it comes to bible knowledge
--used to sing to me every.single.night before bed {yanno, when we used to go to bed together}
--talks to his mom every day

Okay...I should stop.  I'm sure you guys don't care as much as I do...haha! :)  Basically he's the perfect match for me.  I always say {and totally mean!} he is the half the makes me whole.  We are each other's opposites.  He brings out the fun in me and I add structure to him! :)  I don't know what I did without him!!

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  1. Awe sweetest post! You guys are perfect together! He sounds like an awesome guy - wife and Dad!


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