Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What my loved one says about me...

Okay I can't just post Adam's words without adding a few of my own, afterall...it IS my blog! :)  Let me just say that what Adam wrote took my breath away...I found tears running down my cheeks {and not hormonal ones!}.  Knowing {or thinking I know...} my husband I fully expected him to be his usual hilarious self, & throwing me under the bus.  But he was very well behaved and didn't say anything about me drooling or holding full conversations in my sleep without remembering, nothing about my total lack of 'Martha' skills, not even a dig about my dating preferences throughout college!    This man continues to amaze me each day...how in the world did I get so lucky!  :)

His assignment::Read this…Let me know if you’re willing.  I would need it by Wednesday! :)  Thanks baby!

Random Facts about Abby…..where do I even begin! 

1] Total grip on the house and our lives – No matter what is going on you all ways know what needs to be done to keep us going!  It is an awesome trait and I wish I had it!
2] Laundry – I never have to worry about having clean clothes.  You make sure they are always done…not put away…but done!  P.S. when you wash towels with my socks it leaves fuzzies on them.
3] The Kitchen – You pretty much leave the cooking to me and I love that as I’m sure you do as well!  What I enjoy is not having to clean up when I’m done making a mess in there!  You always make sure everything is spotless!
4] Wife – You always support my decisions and back me 100%.  It means a lot to know that no matter what is going wrong I can trust you to be behind me and encouraging me.
5] Mother – You are the best mother to my child(ren) I could ask for!  I know no matter what that our children are loved!  You do all the little things that I would never think of; i.e. treats for daycare, crafts with Jordyn, treats for Murdock…etc!
6]  Work – You have an incredibly stressful job and you make it look easy!  You rarely complain about what’s going on at your job, and you usually listen to me complain about mine!  LOL!
7] Ambition – You always have projects going and keep yourself busy, too busy at times!  But you are passionate about everything you try and do everything in your power to not fail.
8] Woman – You are beautiful, smart, funny and sincere.  Your singing voice may never light up a room but your presence does!  I am proud to walk into a room with you on my arm.  I may not show it all the time but you are the Love of my life and I couldn't ask for more!


  1. How sweet!! I am with you on washing the clothes, just not folding/put them up ha!

  2. What a sweet post! I do the same with the laundry, I'll wash 5 loads before I begin any folding.

  3. What a sweet post! I may need to steal this idea ;-)

  4. Whoa! He earned major brownie points! What a sweet man you have.

  5. Loved checking out your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy! I look forward to following along!


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