Monday, April 15, 2013

This & That

Did this:

Went to my 38 week OB appointment 

Took J's 18 Month Photos

Got a Mani/Pedi & painted J's nails

Went to the dentist

Celebrated 3 birthdays

Took J to the park 

Got Adam's car stuck in the mud

'Graduated' from a program at work

Finished J's 1st year photobooks!

Instagrammed that:

Ate this: 
McDonalds & Jimmy Johns in one weekend...

Edited that: 

Shot this:

Scheduled that:
M::This & That of the Weekend
T::What my Loved One says about me...
W::Mother's Day Wishlist
T::Our Holiday [Michigan]...You'll Never Guess What
F::Thomas Turns 2 Photoshoot

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