Sunday, February 3, 2013

SuperBowl { + a fun game to play with your guests next year}

Our Superbowl was spent at home this year.  Which happens to be exactly what this pregnant mama wanted on a Sunday Night!  Our friends Todd & Renee came over to enjoy the game.  {And my sister Alicia for the first half}  We watch a couple of games a year with them since Todd is also a Minnesota Vikings fan and his wife is {sadly} a Green Bay Packers fan.  We enjoyed the afternoon/evening munching on snacks {which apparently did not help my GD test}.  They brought over a 'game' for us to play.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I hope to do it every year.

Here's how to 'play'...
Have everyone bring one roll of quarter's.
Put all of the quarters in a large bowl.
Before the game starts, each person places their 'bet' on each of 40 questions {the questions will change each year, but should range from team questions to National Anthem questions to number questions.}
Also, have everyone answer a 'tiebreaker' question ahead of time, just in case.  This question should be a 'closest to, without going over type' so there can only be one winner.
Then, each time someone is right they get to take a quarter from the bowl and put it in their cup.
At the end whoever has the most quarters wins.  {and gets to take the leftover quarters}
If there is a tie, the person that was closest in the tiebreaker question win.

For the record...I won.  $30 right into my pocket!  {or the family coin fund...} :)

And what would a party be without my little party monsters! :) row, third photo from left, Jordyn climbed on my baby sister's back and hugged her.  Holy melt my heart!!! :)

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  1. I love this idea! Totally bringing it up at the next sporting event. We played a Nascar game this weekend & we won! $40 thanks to J. Johnson!


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