Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coming Home

I knew leaving this was going to be hard...  
40 floors, 18 elevators, multiple restaurants/bars
20* weather {as opposed to 60*}
No more room service {specifically maid service!}
'Me time' was over {all about the family's schedule again--can we say hello laundry!}

But I had prepared myself for that.  I was excited to get home and be with my family again.  {in fact, the thought of a missed flight, & staying overnight away from my family again almost had me in tears!}  What I wasn't prepared for was one of the world's worst Mondays to fall on my first day back to work...
In case you wondered, the fruit punch is no better than the orange! :(
Email crashing {so much for spending the day catching up in emails, I can't even open them right now!}
Non stop, pure madness of students & residents & last minute meetings {no, you cannot participate in surgery at this hospital without submitting your paperwork ahead of time}
Failing my Glucose test {this blindsided me...I had no issues with Jordyn!  So now I'm totally freaked out}

Hey reality, I didn't really miss you...


  1. Ugh what a stressful homecoming!! Do they test you one more time?

  2. Oh man, you almost got stuck there one more night? I enjoyed all the pics on Insta, but I know how lonely you were by yourself so that would have sucked if you had to stay again. Doesn't sound like you had a fun first day back either! More Glucose testing now, right? That happened to me with #3. Second time around I passed. Don't be freaked, that happens all the time. I'm sure you will pass the next one!


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