Monday, February 18, 2013


It's 9pm. My daughter went to bed 3 minutes ago...I'm posting this from bed in hopes to relief a little stress. Put simply, today just sucked! Blame it on hormones or whatever but I'm pretty sure I cried (big, ugly tears) no less than 5 times today!

..Gestational Diabetes is kicking my ass (you'll hear more about this soon)

..I spent all of about 7 minutes of quality time with my baby girl today, which were spending telling her to hurry up and eat so we could run our next errand :(

..Adam's (future) exboss is being a real toolbag, so now we get to hunt for a lawyer...good times!

..I lost my wallet (Saturday apparently) causing us to not have a check for our sitter today, which made me have to take j out in the (FREEZING) cold to get cash and take to her tonight. Only to find the stupid thing when leavening her house! say work is busy is like saying china has a lit of citizens. I'm still not caught up from San Francisco! What am I going to do after maternity leave?! Being a 1 person office definitely has its challenges!

..I'm almost 32 weeks and don't even have an idea when I'm going to get our maternity photos taken! No time & yucky weather aren't helping the situation. At this rate I'll be 200lbs and 41 weeks pregnant before I get photos :(

..I'm pretty sure I yelled at my poor husband at least 3 times on the phone today because I was mad about something else. Why do we always take it out on the ones we live the most?!

..oh and did I mention that I have a sore throat and haven't felt great since last Thursday. Ya, fun times!

Okay...I hope your Monday was better than mine. Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day! Goodnight all!

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  1. I'm sorry love....I hope the rest of your week went better than Monday!!! Hugs from cold ass VA Beach lol


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