Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend of Dinners [Valentine's Date, Quitting Jobs, & Homemade Sushi]

Left photo from Daycare | Right dad text 'look my daddy can put a bow in!' :)

We have been fortunate to have so many weekends at home this winter!  Weekends at home just set us up for a great week.  This past weekend was no exception.

Sbrocco Dinner

It was Valentine's Day!  My amazing baby sis offered to watch Jordyn so Adam and I could enjoy a dinner to ourselves!  We dined at Sbrocco downtown [for our February Date Night!], ran to the grocery store [because we're romantic like that! :], and then to the local bar for drinks [water for me, since that's all I'm allowed to drink these days!]

J is loving apps on the iTouch and Tablet--I'll post soon.
I woke up feeling awful!  For some reason [allergies?  pregnancy? I have no idea because it just started this year!] if we turn the humidifier on in our room I wake up [a few hours later] with horrible chest pains and difficulty breathing.  We have tried in two separate occasions to start it and both times I end up on the couch to get away from it.  It takes a full 24 hours before I'm breathing normal again.  :(  That on top of nausea made for a very low key day for J and I.  That afternoon Adam was finally able to put his two week notice in at work {PRAISE GOD!!} and we spent the night hanging at home.  We watched a rented movie that wasn't great. :(

Emmett | 2 Years

Started with Adam waking up thinking he had the flu! :(  We also watched my 'nephew' Uga all weekend.  I cleaned around the house and then Jordyn and I went to take TWO year birthday photos of my Godson Emmett!! :)  That evening we had plans to make homemade sushi with our friends.  It turned out so much better than we all expected! :)  YUM!

We had breakfast and then I ran to let out friend's dogs out.  The older one, Taz, reminds me so much of Murdock [besides color of course!].  Once I got home, we didn't leave the house was awesome!  We took a family nap for two hours in the afternoon and later my little sister came over to hang out.  We watched another {rented} bust of a movie 'Redtails'

Taz & Uga

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