Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Down Time

Well I had no intentions of writing a post today [other than the scheduled one] but they kicked me off my work computer to replace it with a new [faster] one [if only it were a mac!] so I'm left with nothing to do for a few minutes...

Speaking of computers...I bought my 'new' mac last Thanksgiving [so 2011] and it's full.  THE WHOLE STINKING HARDDRIVE IS FULL!  {insert lots of crying and foot stomping and whining here} :(  So...I have to do through a delete some of my 2039850349590486094 photos and decide what I can part with since I'm currently deleting 500 photos to upload 500 photos [talk about a pain!]

Also a pain [or more scary I guess] is the fact that Jordyn started a new daycare today.  Ugh!  I guess I never really followed up after this post, but loooong story short, we found a sitter.  We checked out two daycare center/in-home sitters/nanny applicants a night for over a week.  After finding a 'possession of a pipe' charge on the potential nanny, we opted for the state registered in-home daycare center.  A [hopefully] perfect mix of structure and lieniance.  She's has an education background, which helps too.  Okay, I forgot where I was going with this blurb....Adam dropped her off today and she didn't give her the stink eye [which if you know us in real life, is a big deal], instead she went to the new sitter and never looked back.  So Adam ran! :)  So thankful for a good first day drop off!

We had our Gender Reveal Party yesterday!  After making it FB and Instagram official, I threw something quick on the blog.  [you may have missed it because I had a scheduled post & Jordyn's 14 month post in there too--when it rains it pours on this blog!] But I'm back tomorrow with a full post of H2's gender reveal party details!  It wasn't perfect...waking up to negative degree temps [plus wind chill], dad getting 60 miles from home before realizing he forgot the generator, and the ridiculous amount of sunshine hiding the precious blue lights, but it was still perfect.  Just what I wanted!!  And we had twenty-some family members come to celebrate with us.  So stay tuned for lots of photos!!  :)

At the end of this month I'll be leaving for a work trip.  While I'm very excited to cross another thing of my Bucket List [taking a solo vacation], I'm getting more scared & less thrilled each day.  Don't get me wrong, I have full intentions of making the best of this by ordering room service in and taking up as much space in the bed as I want, but mostly I'm sad to leave my husband and baby toddler home for a full week.  Yes, I know people do this all the time.  It will be fine.  I will survive.  But it's still going to be hard.

Speaking of traveling.  I'm pretty sure we're locking in our 'summer vacation' this week.  We'll be vacationing with the same friends we did last time.  Only north instead of south this time! :)  I couldn't be more excited!! Bring on the cabin at the lake with a nanny for the week.  Whoop whoop! :)

Ok, back to reality.  The new computer is up!
Hope you all had a great New Year's & enjoy your short week!!

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  1. External hard drive for your photos? My Macbook (from 2007) is the same way, but instead of being full, it just gets really slow after you upload photos until you re-start. I just started deleting the photos from my computer & putting them on the external hard drive.

    I'm glad you guys found a good place for J! :-)

    & I completely understand the stress of those work trips. I had to go a whopping 2.5 hours away a few months ago for ONE night & flipped out!


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