Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{14 Months}

{Play & Activity}
You LOVE to play and climb, especially in your room!
You climb up and down your rocking chair all the time!
You clap, high five, & high ten
You grab books from your shelf and flip through the pages.
Music & dancing are favorites of yours, especially if it's daddy playing the guitar!
Your favorite 'toys' are cell phones, laptops, iPods, & boxes! :)
When asked what a dog says, you pant! :)

{Growth & Development}
You finally took to walking & you haven't been still a second since! 
You say Mama, Daddy, & Yeah and Thank you, Baby, Up, & Papa [when asked] 
You sign food, more, all done, & milk
You can go up and down stairs now
You love banana bread & like water more now than ever
You take 1 [afternoon] nap per day & sleep 11-12 hours per night
You have 12 teeth, wear size 3 diapers, & are mostly in 18 month clothing

You love attention
You're fearful of strangers
You're cuddling [before bed mostly] more than ever now!
You like to be [softly] tickled on your skin before bed
You love to splash in the bathtub

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