Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Blurp About Friends..

I've been meaning to write a post of this sort for a while now, but it always gets pushed aside.

The skinny: friendships are HARD

They require so much time, energy, and attention.  As a whole, I tend to have a couple that I'm pretty close with and the rest are friends of friends, I keep up with them on Facebook, or something of the sort.  Over the course, I've lost a couple good ones.  Our lives went different directions or they were lost with boyfriend breakups.  We even lost a few when we became parents.  Some by choice, some by chance.

But as a whole, we have awesome friends! 

I'm terrible at texting and [especially] calling my friends.  The most communication you usually get from me is a liked Facebook status [so sad, but true].  In fact most of my friends text me husband if they actually want me to know something, because I'm that bad at responding!  I usually see it, but I'm not able to reply at that second, so I put it down and always intend to do it later.  And our schedules get so busy that sometimes it's hard to connect, especially with out of town friends!  [Hi Jen, Melanie, Sarah, Krisin!] 

Thankfully, my friends understand me and know that I'm not ignoring them.  Most of them just make fun of my fault.  I don't know what I would do without my maintenance-free friends; the ones that when we do see each other we just take off like it was yesterday.  I love that I have friends I call for fashion help!  Friends that I call for marriage advice.  Friends that I call when I need a 'night off.'  And friends that I call when I have kid crisis!

Many are 'couple' friends so when we're together the guys drift off to one area to catch up while the girls chat in another room.  I love these friendships because I like the guys that Adam is with and it's fun to catch up with them, but I totally connect with the girls.  Plus it's always to have a girls night or a guys night, but we really enjoy hanging out as big groups. 

We have our friends from our past [high school, college, home towns, & previous jobs], our Ankeny friends, our Lake friends, and the random friends we've met along the way.  I can't wait to add our kid's friends parents and neighborhood friends to the list.  We're very much a more the merrier kind of family. 

Friendships are hard, but they are oh, so rewarding!  We're so blessed to have such awesome friends to call for anything and anytime!!

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