Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby Sign Language

Jordyn and I have spent the last two Monday nights at our local library taking a Baby Sign Language course.  When I tell people this I get very mixed reactions.  Some people think I'm crazy, some have never heard of teaching a baby sign language, and others swear by it. 

I'm not taking it to turn my kid into a genius [she already is...totally kidding!] I just love exposing her to all kinds of environments.  At this point this course is the most structure she's had.  I love seeing her sit nicely with kids her age and watching her interact with them.  So far she's taken baby swimming lessons [at our YMCA], attended Zoo Tunes [at the Zoo], went to Story Hour [at our Library], and now Baby Sign Language Class [also at our Library]. 

So, am a I crazy for dragging my 12 month old to all these things that she won't even remember?  Or am I doing a good thing by spending quality time exposing her to new things?  What are you thoughts, I would love to hear!


  1. I think it's wonderful as long as it's something you both enjoy and not something you're doing to "better" her or help her "get ahead".

    Also, be aware that baby sign language can delay spoken language, but it's not a biggie and children who are delayed by it do talk eventually, they just don't feel the need as early as they can communicate so well by signing. It's not a significant delay in the grand scheme of things, but my grandson didn't talk much until he was close to 3 and the speech pathologist said that's common among prolific signers. He's almost 7 now and talks up a storm though. :)

  2. Two of my aunts did sign language with their children. Just the small basics. And they thought it was awesome and helped out a lot! I am going to "try" to do a few with Bo! :) I think its awesome that you've taken baby J to those things. I haven't taken Bo to any classes or anything along those lines, but the swimming one sounds great! I do on the other hand take him everywhere!


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