Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This is normal, right?!

About this time of the week I always start to feel exhausted.  But then I remember all of the stuff on my calendar is fun stuff.  And I think about how incredibly blessed we are to have such awesome friends and family to fill our lives with.  I go from exhausted to happy again! :)

[Last Monday]
First night of swimming lessons

[Last Tuesday]
Late work meeting

[Last Wednesday]
Swimming Lessons

[Last Thursday]
Winery with Friends

[Last Friday]
Cedar Rapids to see Baby K

[Last Saturday]

[Last Sunday]
Family & Friends over

Swimming Lessons
Purchase Car Seat

Grocery Shop

Swimming Lessons
Dinner with Friends

Winery with friends

Pool Day

Brunch with Friends
DJ wedding

Caden's Birthday Party

Tell me this is what your schedule looks like too...

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