Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nursery Reveal

I'm totally laughing at the title because it's approximately 9 months late and should probably have been titled 'baby room' since she is no long a newborn, but a baby [& practically a toddler in my mind!]

The truth is...we just hung everything on Jordyn's wall.  We have had the photos and prints and decals for months!  So without further adieu...  Jordyn's Nursery Bedroom!

Paint :: Lowes
Crib ::
'You Are My Sunshine' :: Uppercase Living
'Jordyn Lynn' :: Uppercase Living
'J' :: Michaels [I spray painted it]
Three frames inside doorway :: Michaels [I spray painted them]
Three frames above the closet :: Printed and insterted in Michaels white Frames
Bedding :: Pottery Barn 'Lambie Collection'
Mobile :: Pottery Barn 'Lambie Collection'
Lamp :: Pottery Barn 'Lambie Collection'
Ceiling Fan :: Menards
Vertical Bookshelf :: Target
Horrizontal Bookshelf :: One Step
Cubes & Container :: Target
Basket :: Target
Questions on anything else?
Email me!

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