Sunday, June 10, 2012

So Much For 'Welcoming All' Community Hope Church

More specifically to the crotchety, plump 50/60 year old...
I considered myself to be a sporadic member [as in when we're at the lakehouse and don't have overnight visitors]
I enjoyed your church more than any other church I've attended in my life.  Both pastors gave meaningful and down to earth sermons that I truly enjoyed.

HOWEVER...I will not be back.
I understand you don't want whaling children disrupting your service but when I'm sitting in the last pew and my daughter makes a COUPLD of noises and I get up to bounce her to sleep because she is teething DO NOT TELL ME to go to the hallway because I could disturb others.
Furthermore, do not tell me that you have a nursery [ran by 16 year olds, I know this because one of them there today was MY NIECE!].  I know you have a nursery.  If I wanted my daughter to go to the nursery, I would have taken her there.  Call me old school, but I think children belong with their parents in the pews, where they have to learn when they need to be quiet and when they need to sing.  Also, I think it's cruel to 'dump' my daughter off with said 16 year olds in the nursery when she is teething and all she wants in some one on one attention.  She wants her mom to comfort her, I only get three days each week to do this...that is what I will be doing.  
When I [politely] turn down your offer to ship my daughter to the nursery after you so rudely shoo me out of the sanctuary do NOT feel the need to further annoy me and bring me a toy.  MY DAUGHTER IS NOT WANTING TO PLAY...SHE IS TIRED.  I know this.  She is tired because I [purposefully] kept her awake so she would fall asleep in the car and I could walk into church right on time [not early to mingle] and she would take her nap through the service.  The plan was working perfectly until your door greater felt the need to talk to her and touch her cheeks until she was awake.  Lovely.  And back to the toy, I consider myself an EXTREMELY prepared mama.  I put much thought and consideration into our diaper bag.  I put just as much thought into the list of things I keep in it.  We have toys, food, medication, clothes and diaper necessities.  Anything my child needs, I have for her.  
Lastly, the dig you decided to give me right before I signed to my sister and brother in law to bring our belonging to us so we could leave early...not cool, not cool at all!  Yes, my daughter DOES go to daycare, not that it is any of your business.
Contrary to how you made me feel today, I am not a bad mother and although I was feeling like it as I cried, carrying my daughter to the car mid-service today, I know that how you treated me today will make me an even better mother.  


  1. I'm really hoping you got my comment, it looks like Blogger's being weird. :/

  2. Okay, so no, you didn't. Here goes:

    (((hugs))) Abbie. I am so, so sorry. Now, you need to copy this and send it to the church. Seriously, they need to hear it.

    You in no way are a bad mother. That person was lacking in compassion and obviously has a need to put others down to make themselves feel better. Plus, they do not remember what it's like to have children. I completely agree that children belong in church. Our previous Pastor used to say he never minded when children made noise in church, it just made people "listen harder".

    Don't let them make you get down on yourself.

  3. No one should be telling you how to be a mother. At our church there are always little coo's from the tiny babies and the pastor loves it! This is not ok!

  4. I agree with Mom24 above. You should send this to the church, even if it's just annonymously. That sort of behavior is inappropriate and I highly doubt the pastor would be pleased to know that someone in his congregation is being such a royal bitch to guests. That is definitely not a good thing and it does reflect very poorly on the church as a whole.

  5. Ugh, how awful!! The church I used to go to called my sister and brother in law out a few months ago to just say that they were examples of upstanding people in the church (he was making a point in his sermon) and one of the men in the church had the audacity to start spreading some rumor about my brother in law owing him money. In reality, my brother in law's DAD owed this guy money and his dad passed away like 3 years ago. My BIL's dad had made a mess of his finances before he died, and my BIL was the executor of his estate, but that doesn't make HIM liable for his dad's debt. There wasn't ANY money to be spread anywhere, so it wasn't like they inherited a bunch of money and left people out there hanging. But, not that it was ANYONE'S business! Especially not for this guy to start spreading rumors. Thankfully my very passive BIL went to the pastor and the pastor stopped this guy from doing what he was doing. It's unfortunate though that people like that can turn people off from somewhere they'd otherwise love to attend!

  6. <3 you abs! you are doing wonderful and from the looks of it have done a pretty darn good job at it too! i most likely would have cried too. you are a very strong woman! :)


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